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  • Distance of tour : 180 km
  • Levels : +371 m,-374 m
  • Average slope: 0.3 %

This tour introduces the southernmost hungarian part of the Danube, and passes by the Gemenc forest and Beda, which are both part of the Danube-Drava National Park. Except for the lively city of Baja, it touches on sleepy places and unpopulated natural areas. Except for a short, avoidable section (Dunafalva-Újmohács), we can enjoy the high-quality asphalt road, which is completely horizontal and very light. This road can be used with a narrow wheel bike. There are just a few refreshment opportunities (buffet, restaurant), you need to bring food and bottles, and you can ask for water at the dams. Rainwear is recommended because there are no places to hide from the rain! There are not too many shady areas, therefore sun protection is needed. The landscape is beautiful, there is the floodplain forest on one side and the cultivated landscape on the other, also there are many egrets, herons, swans, wild ducks and other water fowls.

  • Distance of tour : 180 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +371 m,-374 m
  • Average slope: 0.3 %

Completing the tour is feasible in one day, but we divide it to three days.  

The tour starts off from Baja, departure from Sugovica coast (more accommodation, restaurants, Baja fish soup!). We continue west on Road 55, but just before the Danube Bridge, just after the railway underpass, we turn right to the concrete and then asphalted crowns of the dam. There is a good stop at the Érsekcsanád Pumping Station (N 46 ° 15,138 '; E 18 ° 55,087'): monumental engine room, information board, nice waterfront place for a rest. We continue on the dam, under the M9 motorway, then immediately left onto the bike path on the north side of Szent László Bridge. From the other side down the same way, and to the south of the dam and following the dam line, we reach the Sió Lock. Afterwards over the dam to the Keselyűsi Pub - refreshment opportunity! (Here comes a narrow highway from Szekszárd.) Further on the dam south, we reach the Lankóc Monument Pumping Station and the Water Museum (N 46 ° 15,307 '; E 18 ° 50,619'). Upstairs there is an old diesel engine in the engine room! Reservations must be made in advance at the dam: Zoltán Felker, 06-20-541-4977. Then we arrive at the border of Pörböly on Route 55, on the left (this is the one and only busiest part of the whole tour), then we go on the bicycle path of István Türr Bridge towards Baja. All the way through the road there are signs so It is clear and unmistakable.

Day Two: We go south from the center of Baja, towards Hercegszántó (Route 51), but we turn right in the city in the direction of Szeremle. Right at the bottom of the small slope it is worth to stop and see the Ferenc Canal Lock (monument). On the unbusy route to Dunafalva. From there on the barrier crown, but it is not asphalted, only dirt road. If you do not like it (muddy, dusty) then you can continue on the highway to Szabadságpuszta and from there to the right. The destination is the Mohács Ferry. In Mohács, we go straight south, then on the highway to Kölked (in the village, there is a stork museum). Even before the edge of the village you can see where you have to go up the dam to the left, asphalt road, bicycle road signs with "totem poles", nice places. There is no refreshment opportunity here! We follow the dam until we reach the country border (end of asphalt, clearly visible), there at right angle into the forest on a small road (it may be muddy). Go straight on this, the iron gate is not closed, close it behind you. With its few houses, Erdőfű (N 45 ° 54,438 '; E 18 ° 45,681') is a very good accommodation for tourism in a village. (http://szallas.hu/Erd%C5%91fi-Major-Vend%C3%A9gh%C3%A1z-K%C3%B6lked-Erd%C5%91f%C5%B1 ).

Day Three: We go back to Baja. From Erdőfű we follow the continuing of the yesterday road to Kölked in the forest, crossing billabongs.

Recommended help: different maps of the Duna-Dráva Natoinal Park.

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