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  • Distance of tour : 122 km
  • Levels : +1076 m,-1093 m
  • Average slope: 1.2 %

  • Distance of tour : 122 km
  • Hardness of tour : Közepes
  • Levels : +1076 m,-1093 m
  • Average slope: 1.2 %

This bike tour starts in Budapest, more specifically in Buda, where the 1st Main road separates from the M1 and M7 motorways.

In the first part of our trip, we go on the 1st Main road which leads us to Biatorbágy through Budaörs. We can use the cycle path from Pest to Budaörs. However, after that, we have to ride the last 6 km-s on the Main road till Biatorbágy.

After this, there are second rate roads in the next section’s settlements to Egyek and Alcsútboz.
From Alcsútboz to Székesfehérvár we cycle through Vértesacsa, Lovasberény and Csala on the Road No 811.

In order to reach Balatonakarattya, from Fehérvár we ride our bikes through nice villages such as, Sárszentmihály, Sárkeszi, Nádasdladány, Ősi, Berhida, Küngös, Csajág, Balatonfőkajár. In these roads, the traffic is not so heavy.

Between Balatonakarattya and Balatonkenese, we can use cycle path again which ends at our final stop, the Railway Station.

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