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  • Distance of tour : 139 km
  • Levels : +564 m,-555 m
  • Average slope: 0.8 %

  • Distance of tour : 139 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +564 m,-555 m
  • Average slope: 0.8 %

The tour introduces the Tisza lake and the Tisza riverside till Tiszadob settlement. This two pars are very different in characteristics: the Tisza lake is a famous holiday area, with a lot of people, camping places, rest houses, snack bars, buffets, while the riverside till Tiszadob and back is empty, with much less people, quiet. There are only two places of refreshment (buffet, snack bar) at the ferry-boat points. You can ask for water at the weir-keeper. It is recommended to take enough drinking water, food, raincoat and proper defence from intensive sunshine is also advisable, while there are no rest houses and shadowy parts are rare. At Tiszabath, lake you can bath and swim, bath t the upper parts rather not. The asphalt covering is of good quality almost all the way through, apart from a small part at the water reservoir at Kisköre, where it is jolty (watch out there with racer bike!). The land is beautiful with river-flat forests on the one side and cultivated terrain on the other side, there are a lot of birds: egrets, cranes, swans ducks and other water birds.

This tour possible to accomplish within one day however here we describe a three section version, each for a day.

Start at Tiszafüred, from the camping at the river side. Arrive to the main road number 33, we cross the Tisza lake, than ride to Poroszló settlement. This part of the tour goes on a road with middle traffic, is you would like to avoid even that traffic you should go there in the early morning hours, all other parts of the tour rides on ways with less traffic. At Poroszló, to the left go onto the Tisza-tó (lake) bike way, which leads to Kisköre on the river banks, passing by Sarud and Dinnyéshát settlements. At Kisköre go on to the left on the banks of the weir to Abádszalók settlement, then go on to the left again back to the river banks and back to Tiszafüred. There are boards showing the way all the way long, it is unambiguous.

Second day: Start at Tiszafüred on the road number 33 heading to Poroszló, before the end of the settlement turn right into the last cross street, then cross the railway, ahead a few streets longer and then with a vertical angle to the left back the river bank of Tisza. It is more easy in reality then it seems in text, and local folks help gladly to show the way.

From there is no more complication, go on the riverbanks covered with asphalt, to Tiszadob on the next 60km! There is a ferry-boat at Tiszadorog and at Tiszacsege. At the end of the way at a straight part with trees on both sides the asphalt covered way turns to the left but we keep straight for a while to the memorial monument of the river-control of Tisza. Back to the asphalt and after a while to the monument of Pál Vasvári. The third is to the right in the forest, but there is no clean good way to it, and it is recommended to look for it only in good weather. Details here: itt. Find the treasure. Then a short straight way to Tiszadobig, where the castle Andrássy and a garner leaning like the Pisa tower is worth to see. 

The third day: back to Tiszafüredre.

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