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Industrial monuments, churches, castles, bridges, medieval castles, monuments from Turkish times and from the victories of the War of Independence, diverse landscapes. This almost 200 kilometers long round tour provides you these experiences.

Technical parameters

  • 194 km
  • 1406 meters total ascent
  • 18 sights to visit

Conditions for completing the tour

There are 18 checkpoints on the tour that you need to take photos of, and you will find the answer to our control question there. Make sure that your camera's date and time setting is ok and it shows the correct data.

It is important to make all the photos of the checkpoint with your bicycle on the pictures

Most of the tour is on an asphalt road, so you can easily take a road bike during the trip. Exceptions to this are points 6 and 10. The tour writer has traveled the entire tour on a road bike so you can say with certainty that all checkpoints can be completed with these thin wheel bikes.

You don't have to do the whole bike tour in one time, it is ok to stop the round tour at any checkpoint. Importantly, when the tour is interrupted and resumed, both times the checkpoint must be photographed.

The tour is not a star tour, the checkpoints must be visited one after the other. The tour can be completed clockwise or anticlockwise as well.

Things to do after completing the bicycle tour

After completing the tour, please send the photos of checkpoints and the answers of the questions to info@holkerekparozzak.hu. If your images are large in size, choose any file upload program.

We will notify you within two weeks whether we accept or decline your achievement. Successful execution requires the presence of all photos, the correct setting of the camera's time and date, and the correct answer to the verification questions.

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  • The ones who completed the tour are entitled to a unique commemorative sheet which will be emailed to them.
  • Furthermore, their name will appear on the name list of people who completed the tour on the webpage.
  • Multiple fulfillment and one-day fulfillment are marked separately on the webpage.

The route

Our goal was to create a hike around Budapest through the outskirts and provide the riders as many attractions as possible..

Dunaharaszti Alsónémedi Ócsa Üllő Gyömrő Maglód Pécel Isaszeg Gödöllő Szada Mogyoród Fót Dunakeszi Megyeri-híd Budakalász Üröm Solymár Budakeszi Páty Biatorbágy Sóskút Érd M0 bridge Lakihegyi television tower Szigetszentmiklós

We reserve the right to change this route. However, if someone started the tour in a previous version, we will accept their tour in the version of the pre-change route. This can be verified by the time setting of the start photo or the setting of the exact date in the camera's memory.

The checkpoints


1. Heroes square (Hősök-tere)

The square is located on Dózsa György Road. This is the road that leads to Alsónémedi.
The statue in memory of the heroic dead must be photographed. 
Continue the quote:
A mi vérünkből ázott földből megnyílik...





2. Monument: the Calvinistic church of Ócsa

The church is located on the Dr Békési Panyik Andor Road.
The photo of the church must be taken from the back.






3. Gyömrő Lake (Gyömrői-tó)

You will find the lake after the roundabout from Dózsa György Road.
The photo must be taken about the (fishing)lake from a similar angle like the sample photo.





4. Ráday Castle

The castle is located at Eszperantó alley.
The photo must be taken of the entrance door.
Question (only for Hungarians):
List the three famous guests of the castle, who are mentioned at the information board. (Meanwhile the board disappeared, so this question is not mandatory, but everyone can investigate for the answer…)





5. Képesfa

It is located before Isaszeg, respectively before the railway intersection, on the left side of the highway.
Take a photo of the monument!
Question (only for Hungarians):
What was the name of the aircraftman (honvéd) captain, who was warned about the danger by Madonna?


05.Képes fa


6. (Honvéd) Solider tombs

We arrive at the settlement from Rákóczi Road, we turn right at the first exit in the roundabout onto Ady E. Road, then we turn right onto Sápi Road. The Sápi Road and afterwards the Green Cross hiking trail leads us to the tombs. First you will find the memorials of two captains on the left, then further on the left the Honvéd tombs.
Take a photo with the book!





7. Grassalkovich Castle

The castle is located on the Ady Endre Promenade.
The photo must be taken about the entrance.


07.Grassalkovich kastély



8. Cathidral (Székesegyház)

The cathedral is located on Vörösmarty Mihály Road.
The photo must be taken at the entrance!


08.Fót Székesegyház

Danube (Duna)


9. Megyeri Bridge

Finding the bridge won’t case any problem.
Take a photo of the bridge!





10. Chapel of Alexandra Pavlovna

The chapel is located at 16, Dózsa György Street.
The photo must show the entrance to the chapel with the lamppost row. You must lean the bike on one of the pillars and take the photos like.



11. Szarka Castle (Szarkavár)

The castle is located at the continuing of Major Road.
The photo must show the wooden tower. If you can’t enter the castle the gate will be enough as well.





12. Anthem (Himnusz) statue

The statue is located at the beginning of the settlement on the Szarvas square.
Take the photo with the Isten statue in the centrum!
Question (only for Hungarians):
How many bells are under the arches? (The answer is on the description board.)





13. Várady Castle

The castle is located on the Rákóczi Road.
The photo must be taken about the slowly dilapidated building behind the fence.




14. Line of cellars

The line of cellars starts on the Torbágyi Road from the left hand after the Páty sign.
The door of a cellar must appear on the photo.




15. Viaduct

The Viaduct is located on the Main Road (Fő út).
The photo must be taken of the Viaduct with the railway bridge in the background.





16. Old stone bridge

At the junction of Mártírok Street and Main Road (Fő út) you will find this beautiful old bridge.
The photo must be taken of the bridge.





17. Minaret

It is located on Római Road.
The bike must be leant at the side of the minaret on the photo.
Question (only for Hungarians):
Who has built the minaret? (The answer is on the description board.)





18. Lakihegy television tower

It is located at the junction of II Rákóczi Ferenc Street and Massányi Károly Street.
The photo must be taken of the foot of the television tower.
How many tones does the television tower weight? (The answer is on the description board.)




Dunaharaszti starting point