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  • Distance of tour : 13 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +331 m,-332 m
  • Average slope: 3.8 %

Before you start...

Cycling in the forest is regulated by the law, and these rules can change. Before you go on your hiking or riding tour, please check current forest law and start riding only if it is permitted.

We start our tour from Dédestapolcsány, from the bank of the Lázbérc Reservoir. If you come here by car, you can park your car conveniently here. (Felszabadítók Road)

At the first part of our road we follow the blue cross tourist sign on asphalt road by the lake. At the end of the lake we cross a bridge. The stream flowing below the bridge supplies water to the reservoir. (If you feel like taking a short detour, then follow the asphalt road and you can come to Uppony and look around.)

After the bridge, we turn right onto the blue ruin sign and we continue uphill up the mountain on a dirt road. After about 500 meters, the blue ruin sign turns to the right of the two-sign road and afterwards a path leads us to Dede Castle. This little detour is worth taking a look at the little wall which stayed there from the castle.
Continuing on the two-sign road, we can't get lost, we have to just follow the shoreline of the lake below us until we reach the dam. The road takes you almost the whole time downhill.

It is not worth riding up the dike, as on the other side we can’t continue the tour around the lake. (We tried.)

Riding down from the dam, the asphalt road leads us to the highway, where we turn right. After climbing an uphill part, we cycle down nicely to Dédestapolcsány, from where we cycle up to the bank of the Lázbérc Reservoir and our tour ends here.

  • Distance of tour : 13 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +331 m,-332 m
  • Average slope: 3.8 %

Támogasd a működésünket

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