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  • Distance of tour : 43 km
  • Levels : +1274 m,-1281 m
  • Average slope: 4.6 %

Before you start...

Cycling in the forest is regulated by the law, and these rules can change. Before you go on your hiking or riding tour, please check current forest law and start riding only if it is permitted.

  • Distance of tour : 43 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +1274 m,-1281 m
  • Average slope: 4.6 %

The bicycle tour starts at Hármashatár-hegy from the parking lot at the junction of Szépvölgyi Road and Hármashatárhegyi Road. First, we follow the blue sign to the Árpád Lookout Tower, where we come down on the green round tour to a playground, from where we climb up following the red round tour sign to the airport.

Here we continue following the blue sign to the end station of the Hűvösvölgy Children's Railway. From the station we follow the yellow sign. We cross Nagykovácsi Road next to a shopping center. We leave the sign at the green round tour sign and follow this to the Szépjuhászné Road. Here we turn left and continue until we reach the Szakadék Road. We ride along the Szakadék Road until Feketefej Road.

The Feketefej Road is crossed by the red hiking path, from where the red triangle signed road starts before Nagykovácsi. We follow this sign until we reach the green triangle sign, where we reach the Nagy-Kopasz Lookout Tower.

From here we continue on to the sign and we come across the green hiking sign, which we follow until the middle of Nagykovácsi.

From the centre of Nagykovácsi we leave the settlement following the green sign. At the edge of the village begins a yellow sign that runs through the Antal-árok. It is a very tactical valley, that can give many experiences. Leaving the ditch, the sign leads to Pilisszentiván. From here we cycle on an asphalt road to Solymár.

At Solymár, following the green sign, our road leads us to Szarka Castle (Szarkavár) which is located at the edge of the settlement. We continue on the sign towards Budapest in the terrain. The blue sign crosses our way. We follow this up to the Virágosnyereg buffet, from where we reach the Hármashatár-hegy again. The sign comes into Hármashatárhegyi Road, in which we arrive at the starting point.

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