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  • Distance of tour : 76 km
  • Levels : +572 m,-572 m
  • Average slope: 1.2 %

  • Distance of tour : 76 km
  • Hardness of tour : Könnyű
  • Levels : +572 m,-572 m
  • Average slope: 1.2 %

The tour starts in Nagyrécse, at the intersection of street Kossuth and street Petőfi. We head north, on street Kossuth, and at leaving the village, we turn right on the main road bordering the village, and ride all the way to Zalakomár, via Zalasárszeg and Galambok.

On Zalakomár’s street Petőfi we turn left in the direction of Zalavár. About half way to Balatonmagyaród we have the possibility to visit the buffalo reserve, which is located to the right. If time allows, it is worthwile to pay a visit here. The place is easy to find thanks to the road signs. 

 After Balatonmagyaród lies the lake little Balaton, to the left. It’s worth to visit here the island Kányavári and its bridge.

 Once in Zalavár, we turn left in the direction of Újszabár. In the meantime, we reach the north corner of little Balaton lake, where a show centre is also found.

From Újszabár we ride first to Zalaszabár, then to Kilián, passing through Orosztony and Kerecseny.

From Kilián we continue to Újudvar, via Gelse and Gelsesziget. We reach road 74 right after Újudvar, and continue all the way to Nagykanizsa, via Palin. 
From Nagykanizsa we take the road leading to Zalakomárom, and continue on it all the way back to Nagyrécse.

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