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  • Distance of tour : 74 km
  • Levels : +1818 m,-1819 m
  • Average slope: 3.4 %

  • Distance of tour : 74 km
  • Hardness of tour : Közepes
  • Levels : +1818 m,-1819 m
  • Average slope: 3.4 %

We start our cycling tour at the bell tower in Püspökszentlászló. We leave the town to the north. At the junction of Dióskút we turn right to a forest road and we are heading Pécsvárad. At 2/3 of the way we meet the green cross mark, then we follow it up to the castle.

We leave the city on the Várutca-Kossuth Lajos Street-Rákóczi Ferenc Street line. We drive through the intersection of main road 6 and we ride along a road essentially parallel to the main road towards Zengővárkony. We can only wander from a distance to Várkon, we will not pass through it. Soon our road crosses road 6 and we are now on the other side of the main road towards Mecseknádasd. After the transmission tower we cycle up the road 6 and we reach Mecseknádasd.

After the Árpád Age church on the outskirts of the settlement, we leave Mecseknádasd following the green tourist sign. At an intersection, the green sign leaves the asphalt road, but we continue to ride at the asphalt and now we follow the blue tourist sign. After Óbánya the asphalt road runs out, so we follow the blue sign on dirt road to reach Kisújbánya. From the settlement we follow the blue sign again on the asphalt road.

Soon we arrive at an intersection. Here the blue sign continues straight on a dirt road, but we turn right and cycle further on the asphalt road. 

At Máré Spring our path is crossed by a yellow cross. On the left hand you can see a chalet and a parking lot. If you feel like it, you can cycle up following the yellow cross sign to Máré Castle, then back on the same road to the parking lot. (For those who like castles it is definitely worth it) If you don't have the mood, then go further down this road to the Castle Valley campsite.

At the camping we come across a T junction. Here we turn left and cycle further to Komló, while passing by Zobákpuszta and Gesztenyés. 

We cycle in Komló along the Kossuth Road-Pécsi Road-Sallai Imre Street and ride to Budafa. After the town, you will find a red bicycle signed lane to the right of Route 66. We ride on this to Árpádtető. Here we cycle onto Route 66 and ride to the green tourist sign, which we enter with a left turn.

Riding along the asphalt road we reach the border of Zobákpuszta. Meanwhile, we can admire the signs of mining. (Beta shaft, quarry) We do not drive through Zobákpuszta, before we get to another asphalt road. Here we take a harsh right and we are heading Hosszúhetény.

From Hetény Püspökszentlászló is not far anymore. The green square sign leads us exactly there on the asphalt road. So after following the sign, after an easy uphill part we arrive at the settlement. 

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